Monday, August 1, 2016

August: Dog Days ... Even for Plants

Now that we're in the hottest part of our year, you can take mental inventory of top performers for this season. Even if a plant isn't blooming right now, if it's alive, it's probably doing well! The Collin County Master Gardeners focus on helping people throughout our area successfully grow and tend plants year-round. Read on for sales, programs and information about how you can still have great growing results, despite the weather.

Bulb Sale
Thinking about cool weather landscape projects is a wonderful escape from the dog days of summer! Think spring color and cool temperatures! It’s time for the Collin County Master Gardeners 13th Annual Fall Bulb Sale. This year’s sale features some old tried and true favorites plus some new outstanding varieties.

August in the Vegetable Garden
This summer has not been as harsh as past summers at the Myers Park & Event Center vegetable garden in McKinney, making the Monday and Friday harvest volunteers thankful for mother nature’s gift! Winter Luxury Pumpkins, Purple Hull Peas and peppers are performing well. The tomatoes and cucumbers have slowed, but so have the insect pests. Come take a look and see what you find!

Preserving Allen History
Allen Heritage Village is being developed by the City of Allen as a historic park which includes a collection of Allen's oldest remaining homes and outbuildings and a well-preserved church. Village garden landscaping has been a joint effort, with Collin County Master Gardeners participating.


New SuperStar: Party Pink
Crape myrtles have been one of the most popular ornamental plants in the U.S. since they were introduced around 1790. A Texas-born variety – Basham’s Party Pink – is being promoted as a new Texas Superstar for its disease resistance, vigor and colorful display, according to a horticulture expert. Fall is a great time to plant new Crape Myrtles.

13th Annual Bulb & Perennial Mart
The pre-sale for bulbs is here! We are offering heirloom and naturalizing bulbs by pre-order only online. We selected easy-to-grow bulbs proven to be suitable for our climate and soil. Pre-orders will be available for pick-up at The Bulb and Perennial Mart on Saturday, October 15 at Myers Park & Event Center in McKinney.

Timely Tips
We are in one of Texas' most challenging times to be a gardener. However, you can literally weather the hot times and prepare for the bounteous fall growing season by keeping up with garden tasks. Visit our tips for gardening in July and August to see how to have beautiful, productive gardens NOW. You'll also learn valuable tidbits like:
Plant bluebonnet and other spring wildflowers in late August. 

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Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Tomato Workshop at Texas A&M on August 5, 2016

 A workshop on tomato improvement will be held 9 a.m.-noon on Aug. 5, according to Dr. Kevin Crosby, Texas A&M AgriLife Research Horticulturist. The free workshop will be held at the Texas A&M Horticultural Teaching, Research and Extension Center, 3199 County Road 269, south of U.S. Hwy. 60 and west of U.S. Hwy 50, near College Station. It is hosted by the Texas A&M University Department of Horticultural Sciences Tomato Improvement Program. Crosby said anyone interested in growing tomatoes, either privately or commercially, should attend. Topics include tomato breeding and cultivar selection, pest and disease management, fertility to improve quality, health benefits of tomatoes, protected culture (tunnels and greenhouse) and organic practices. “There will be a hands-on grafting lesson, tomato samples and free tomato plants for the fall garden, including the new ‘TAM Hot-Ty’ hybrid cultivar,” Crosby said. For more information or to register? Contact Crosby at:

Friday, March 25, 2016

Upcoming Events

We have several educational events during the month of April. Please click the links below to learn more about the upcoming events and to register online.

Fruit, Nut, & Berry Production Program - April 1, 2016 @ 9am-3pm at Myers Park
Registration deadline is this Tuesday March 29th.  Click here to register online

Spring Plant Sale - April 9, 2016 @ 9am-3pm at Myers Park. Support the Master Gardeners by purchasing recommended plants. Click here to learn more.

Rose Rosette Disease Seminar - April 9, 2016 @ 9am-10:30am at Allen City Hall. Free seminar. Let us know you're attending - Click here to register online.

North Texas Prospective Wine Grape Growers Workshop - April 22, 2016 @ 9am-4pm at Myers Park. Registration deadline April 20th. Check here to register online

We have more schedule so save the dates by downloading a Calendar of Events or visit our Events website for more information on upcoming events.