Monday, November 9, 2015

Earth-Kind Environmental Stewardship

Earth-Kind Annual, Perennial, and Grape Research Gardens at Myers Park 
The Earth-Kind Environmental Stewardship program is a major part of Extension Horticulture education in Collin County. The basis of what we teach is based on research. We are proud of the Earth-Kind research that we have conducted in Collin County. With the help of many partners we have been able to conduct a significant amount of research. Research is great, but if you are unable to extend that information out to public, then it is almost like you never did it. The adoption of those research-proven practices by the public is our goal. I believe that through efforts in Collin County, we have been able to properly educate the public on Earth-Kind practices. It is our hope that if you visit the Earth-Kind Gardens you will adopt the practices we have demonstrated as effective.

Current Earth-Kind Projects in Collin County:
  1. Earth-Kind Perennial Research Garden
  2. Earth-Kind Annual Research Garden
  3. Earth-Kind Rose Research Garden
  4. Earth-Kind Crape Myrtle Research Garden
  5. Earth-Kind Vegetable Research Garden
  6. Earth-Kind Grape Research Vineyard
  7. Earth-Kind Dwarf Shrub and Dwarf Ornamental Grass Research Garden (Prosper)
  8. Earth-Kind Shrub, Perennial, Annual Research and Demonstration Garden (Allen)
  9. Earth-Kind Rain Water Harvesting Demonstration
  10. Earth-Kind Demonstration Potager Garden
  11. Earth-Kind Demonstration Landscapes
  12. Earth-Kind Demonstration Rain Gardens
  13. Earth-Kind Demonstration Garden at Environmental Learning Center (Rucker Elementary, Prosper)

 Future Gardens at Myers Park and Event Center:
  1. Earth-Kind Demonstration Shade Garden (2016)
  2. Earth-Kind Herb Research Garden (2016)
  3. Earth-Kind Turfgrass Research (2016)