Monday, November 9, 2015

Watch out for the first freeze of the season

In the fall we anticipate the first freeze of the season. The average first freeze is November 15 and can affect a number of plants here in Collin County, Texas. The freeze can be negative depending on the type of plant and its stage of development. The freeze shouldn't be considered a negative event, if you and your plants are prepared. If you are growing tropical plants the freeze can be a death sentence, but if you are growing cold hardy plants recommended for your hardiness zone there are no worries. For warm season vegetables, the freeze will likely kill the plants. However, with our cool season vegetable and annuals the freeze shouldn't damage the plants. The first freeze will cause many herbaceous perennials to die back to the ground, but as long as it is adapted to your cold hardiness zone, it will come back in the spring. It is important to realize that November 15th is just an average. The NWS gives you idea of the different extremes dates that we have seen in the past: NWS Earliest Freeze Dates It is recommended that you monitor the forecast and provide protection for plants that can be damaged by freezing weather. For more information on plants for Collin County visit the Collin County Master Gardeners.